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For those of you getting ready for winter and wanting to try your hand at “home made” suet, here are some recipes that you may want to put together that would we yer local birdies whistle. As mentioned in the other article, birds love suet and it provides some good energy during those cold, winter months. Enjoy yourself as you put these together and make good suet like “mom used to make”.

Here are some folks that have steped out and have shared their successful recipes.       recipe-book-cover14

Bluebird Banquet (Linda Janilla Peterson)©

· MIX 1 cup peanut butter

· 4 cups yellow cornmeal

· 1 cup unbleached or whole-wheat flour

· ADD 1 cup fine sunflower seed chips

· 1 cup peanut hearts (or finely ground nuts)

· 1/2-1 cup Zante currants (or raisins cut in halves, or chopped dried cherries)

· DRIZZLE and STIR IN 1 cup rendered, melted suet


Resulting mix will be crumbly and should have bean/pea sized lumps from the drizzling of the melted suet. If too sticky after cooling, mix in a bit more flour. If too dry, drizzle in more melted suet. Refrigerate any mix you are not using to prevent suet from turning rancid.

You can use a commercial pure bird suet cake, or render your own suet. Grind or cube butcher store suet. Melt over low heat. Watch carefully as suet is a fat and can start on fire with too high heat. A microwave can be used. Strain out the stringy bits (cracklings). Cool.

NOTE: This mixture is very popular with bluebirders. Some say you can use solid shortening in place of the suet and it works fine. You may want to double up on the amount of suet if the recipe is too crumbly.

Nutritional analysis: Protein 12.7%, Carbohydrates 45.9%, Fat 32.7%, Fiber 5.9%

High Protein Bluebird Suet Mix (Dan McCue)

  • 10 lbs of yellow corn meal with 5 lbs of plain flour.
  • Melt about 7 cups of lard and 3 cups of crunchy peanut butter.

Pour liquid mixture gradually over the dry mixture (ingredients), blending it and adding more liquid until it reaches a fairly firm consistency.

  • Add raisins, cracked peanuts, crushed eggshells, too.

Pack the mixture into pans (or wooden container) lined with wax paper so the depth of the mixture will fit your feeder. Place in freezer until firm (about 45 to one hour), cut with knife or pizza cutter to fit in your feeder, and place back into freezer until hard. Break apart the strips (about one inch thick x 1 1/2 inch wide x 6 inches long.) and place into gallon freezer baggies. return to freezer until needed. This should make about enough for a year. This sounds like a lot of work but you only do it once a year!! You will have flickers, all types of woodpeckers, as well as bluebirds. A friend of mine in McKenzie , TN has a photo that won a national wildlife award, showing 7 bluebirds all feeding off the same feeder in one picture. This was the recipe he uses. Oh, yes, you can save money by going to your local feed store for your corn meal. I buy up peanut butter when on sale or at these wholesale ‘bent & dent’ stores.

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