Squirrels Eating Suet Cakes ~ What to Do?


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Have you ever had the problem of those pesky squirrels running up and eating your birds suet cakes. With the recent cold weather squirrels have been eating my suet cakes much to the dismay of our local  Woodpecker’s and Chickadees and other feathered friends that find energy and strength from you good winter offerings.

There may be some solutions that just might work for you. Here are some you may want to consider.   birdhouse[1]

Squirrels do not like pepper. When purchasing suet, or making your own, be sure that pepper is an ingredient. The Squirrels will be deterred from the suet, however this will not harm your local bird friends. When placing suet, you should look for a type of “cage within a cage ” – type system. This allows the smaller birds to go in and eat and enjoy the suet where the squirrels can’t. These type of suet feeders have a removable metal plate to block the bottom and keep the squirrels out. After you have discouraged them from entering, they will leave your feeder alone, then you can pull out the plate and the larger woodpeckers like Flickers and Red Heads can feed from the bottom.

Another note, based on a question that I was asked recently, you may use Fat Free Peanut butter in your homemade suet, however, keep in mind that it is the fat that the birds needs in order to help produce energy thus keeping their bodies warm in the wintertime. So if you use fat free products in your suet, pleae be sure to add some bacon fat or another form of fat to the recipe, otherwise you’re really wasting your time as well as the birds.

For some really cool suet food recipe ideas, check these out and tell us what you think.  Visit: http://nestbirds1.com/?p=450 for suet bird recipes.

~The Birdhouse Guy~

~The Birdhouse Guy~

As always, Happy Birding and oh….don’t forget to get your birdhouses and feeders out NOW! NOW is the time, so you’re wildlife will get used to them being there and then increase your chances of inhabitation.  ~ The Birdhouse Guy ~

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