They Are Getting My Respect

Let’s be honest, some birds look a bit intimidating. They’re not like dogs that wag their tails when they are happy and want to play.  Birds generally have the same solemn look on their faces unless they are eating or communicating with other birds.

We all know that birds never bother humans unless we are too close to their nest or something but if you’ve ever seen an eagle or a hawk up close, in nature before then I’m sure you’ll agree that you kept an eye on it until you were out of range.  Sure, you probably admired the presence of it but I can’t believe that you didn’t also respect it out of fear of what the bird can actually do.  And they are always bigger up close then when you see them on T.V or soaring in the sky.

I remember once, a bald eagle landed on the 9th hole of a golf club that I was working at.  I thought it was pretty cool to see because I had never really seen one actually land on the ground before.  I know it sounds a bit strange but think about it, when was the last time you actually saw an eagle land and rest on the level ground?  So when I saw that eagle just chilling on hole 9 I was kind of in awe.

I was on the balcony checking it out when it started to take flight.  My jaw dropped and my eyes went wide.  The wing span on that bird was unbelievable.  If you are familiar with golf courses at all then you know there are usually only two types of birds that pretty much live on golf courses. They are crows and seagulls… and the occasional geese if there is a pond around.  Those were pretty much my only scopes of “bird” on the course before the eagle got there.  I saw them fly and land around the course so much that I stopped really paying attention to them.

But when the eagle got there I took notice.  It wasn’t grazing like the other birds normally did.  It was just standing there checking out the scenery.  When the eagle actually took off I was dumbfounded because its size was considerably larger than the other birds and I just wasn’t expecting anything like that.  As it flapped to get off the ground, bits of cut grass moved around beneath it and I could kind of hear the swooshing sound its wings were making before take off.  I talked about that eagle being on hole 9 for weeks.  It was epic for me because like I mentioned before, the only time that I had ever seen them was perched really high on the tallest tree or soaring through the sky.

Birds, for the most part, generally don’t give us humans any need to worry.  They are usually off doing their own “bird” thing but its hard not to take a respectful notice of birds that live off of eating other animals.

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