Pet Birds, Friend or Foe?

nest-birds1-petPet birds make fantastic companions in today’s households.  There are so many species to choose from that are also easy and cheap to care for.  If you go to a general pet store, you will likely see many parakeets which you cannot go wrong with.  Feeding them is cheap, and if you do it right the cleanup is pretty easy as well.

With dogs, people complain about them making a big racket or tearing up the place.  However, pet birds only chirp and, for the most part, remain in a cage.  There is not much a pet bird could do to a household probably if they tried.  They like to play with different toys like rope and such which can be entertaining, but also are as loving as any other pet can be with a proper owner.

As far as equipment goes every bird needs a cage, but what kind depends on whether you would like a bird as an indoor pet or outdoor pet!  Having a bird as an outdoor pet may seem a bit strange seeing as you’d think they would just fly right off.  However, with the proper cage and care, you can have just as a good time with your pet bird outside as inside.  With an inside bird although you have to have a cage to put your pet in at night.  Good news is, your whole house can be a cage!  With clipped wings of course and some proper time to bond and train first, the bird will sometimes be happy just sitting on your shoulder or a table watching what you’re doing.

Training a bird can be pretty easy it’s certainly easier than cleaning their cage after them.  They make plenty of tools to help, and there are endless resources for it, but you’ll fall in love with the idea when the first thing to teach your bird is to stand on your finger.  One of the things that pet birds are most known for are the ability of some species to mimic humans or other noises around them.  Some birds like parakeets or parrots are fully capable of this, because believe it or not birds are quite intelligent, and are almost constantly observing their surroundings.

Love them or hate them pet birds can be very affectionate creatures, and have their personalities or characteristics just as other pets.  If you live in an apartment, then a bird may be just the perfect pet for you to fill a hole in your life.  They don’t leave hair everywhere, don’t bark all day, and cleaning up after them is confined to one area of your home.  They are quite social creates and can be a good listener when you get home from work, and in fact quite possibly more social than dogs or cats.  They also tend to be much cheaper to groom since they do almost all of their grooming their selves with their many beautiful colors and species to choose from!

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