It’s Time to get Tropical

nest-birds1-toucanTropical birds refer to birds that would primarily reside in a tropical climate.  These bird species are some of the most beautiful of all birds and have a broad range of colors.  When you think of tropical birds, you think of birds like a parrot, love birds, or a toucan that derive mostly from the rain forest.  Out of these birds, the Toucan is my favorite. Its probably one of the reasons that I Fruit Loops so much.  The most famous of these birds is likely the Parrot although there are currently hundreds of known species of them.  They are known for their verbal behavior, but one of the biggest talkers that people typically like to take home is the African Grey Parrot.  These are not the kind of birds you would see in a pet store these are the sort of birds you would travel to particular places like Zoos to see.

There are differences in a tropical bird raised in captivity versus the wild.  Wild tropical birds aren’t used to being fed, having a tiny area to live in, or thousands of human visitors.  As with most animals, tropical birds thrive best where they have free reign that they feast in, adapt too, and become their selves in without the interruption of their natural habitat.

Due to their beauty, tropical birds are prone to attack commonly by predators in such forests.  That is why it is best for some species to be kept in captivity to save from extinction due to deforestation and other methods of destruction of their natural habitat.   Wild is best, but when it comes to preserving their species, endangered tropical birds are best kept in captivity. nest-birds1-tropical

With the threat of being trapped illegally and deforestation of places such as the rain forest before much longer, we can begin to cease seeing such beautiful flying creatures that life has given us.  It almost makes it worth it to book a ticket now to the rainforest before they disappear entirely!

Unlike non-tropical birds such as a crow or other bird species, tropical birds have a much more natural omnivorous diet for things like fruit, seeds, grass, insects, or small reptiles they can manage to grasp.

One of the things that make these sorts of birds so unique and beautiful is their evolutionary adaption to living in such environments.  The hummingbird, for example, will use its long needle-like beak to gather flower nectar for food.  Also, things like the long bill of the Toucan as mentioned earlier that is used to grab fruit from a nearby branch and crush it down into something eatable.  The Macaw knows what fruit is poisonous and knows how to cure it for a nice steady meal that most other omnivores likely just avoid giving them a unique first grab at it.

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